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Author Interview, Book Tour, Hock Tjoa, The Chinese Spymaster

The Chinese Spymaster + Interview With Author Hock Tjoa

“It has been said that thought makes one wise. In hand to hand combat, however, thinking kills.” You can tell from the opening line that The Chinese Spymaster is not going to disappoint.  From the very beginning Tjoa grabs readers attention and draws them with an implied promise of action and suspense.  When the Chinese Intelligence Agency finds out that the Pashtuns are trying to secure nuclear device from the North Koreans and five other nuclear arms dealers, Spymaster Wang is  ...

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Author Interview, Book Tour, Gillian Felix, The Banovic Siblings

The Banovic Siblings Review + Interview With Author Gillian Felix

I recently had the opportunity to review The Banovic Siblings: Friends & Liars by Gillian Felix.  It’s volume 2 of her adult novel Family Portrait series.  The Banovic Siblings is a well written, fast paced and riveting tale that takes readers inside of the double lives led by siblings Kevin, Zax and their sister, Adriana. After trying to keep his two worlds separate, Kevin, the oldest, finds himself being blackmailed into continuing his affair with his mother’s best friend,  ...

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