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My 2016 Nonfiction November TBR List

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.   Because I love a challenge, while I compete in NaNoWriMo I will also be participating in the Nonfiction November reading challenge.  This challenge is being hosted by booktubers  ABookOlive and Non Fic Books.  This reading challenge is designed to ultimately encourage readers to read more nonfiction books.  I do enjoy reading nonfiction and am excited to be taking part. Participants in this challenge can choose to simply read as many  ...

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2016 Netgalley Reading Challenge

      Happy New Year!  Yes, I know that January is almost over, but this is my first post here for 2016.  As you can already guess from the title, I’ve decided to join in the Fictively’s 2016 Netgalley Reading Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is for each reviewer to increase their Netgalley feedback ratio to 80%.  If you’re not familiar with Netgalley, it’s a site where book reviewers can request to Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of books from  ...

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